• 2019 Forty Under 40 selection, Des Moines Business Record

  • 2019 Non-Profit of the Year - Winner, South Suburban Y, FuseDSM Chamber

  • 2018 Iowa Character Awards Nominee, Character Counts in Iowa

  • 2017 Non-Profit of the Year- Top 3 finalist, South Suburban Y, FuseDSM Chamber

  • 2016 Alumni Merit Award, Iowa State Alumni Association

  • 2014 Iowa STATEment Maker award, Iowa State University

  • 2013 Heroes of the Heartland award, American Red Cross

  • 2011 Governor's Volunteer Award, State of Iowa

  • 2007 CEO Club for Excellence in Fundraising, American Cancer Society

  • 2006 CEO Club for Excellence in Fundraising, American Cancer Society

“I worked alongside Tyler while he was with the YMCA and know Tyler to be energetic, personable, and engaging! His efforts made our conference a success for all who attended. I’ve always been impressed by Tyler’s ability to connect with people and make them feel welcome. He is a passionate, servant leader!” - Leighann Sibal, Former YMCA of the USA Resource Director for Iowa


“I highly recommend Tyler for any role he chooses to pursue. He consistently exhibits the type of leadership and teamwork that makes him a vital part of success. His genuine approach, easy candor and thorough follow up makes his contributions have undeniable impact.” - Robert Foss, Senior Marketing Guru at DHI Group, Inc.


“Tyler is a passionate contributor whose focus is on the success of an organization. He is skilled at running a business, managing budgets, and operating within the expectations of a parent organization, while maintaining an inviting, safe haven for his community. He realizes the direct impact his contributions and the success of the organization can make on the organization's community, and how those can positively impact the larger community outside the organization itself. His selfless efforts at the South Suburban YMCA have not only improved the member experience at that YMCA, but have improved the lives of the people in the surrounding community. The programs he implemented at the South Suburban YMCA are forward-thinking and world conscious, while also being fiscally aware. I am lucky to have served with Tyler on the South Suburban YMCA Board of Managers. Through my experience on that board, I learned from Tyler that not all in Des Moines are thriving, and that it is our responsibility as citizens of Des Moines to help these individuals succeed. Tyler is conscientious, responsible, and passionate about all aspects of his life.” - Monica Langin, Vice President at Visionary Services


“I worked with Tyler at the YMCA of Greater Des Moines, as we were both Executive Directors of our branches. Tyler has the ability to turn any situation into a positive, teachable moment. His passion to lead others through his great customer service skills and his unwavering commitment to give back to the community, sets him apart from the rest. He truly is a stellar individual!” - Vicki Greco, Former Executive Director at Boone Family YMCA


“Tyler’s passion for helping people is only exceeded by his desire to make the world a better place for us all. He listens to the needs of the community and creates opportunities for others to learn, grow and thrive. His positive attitude and selfless disposition makes the community stronger.” - Wade Riedinger, Executive Director of Iowa Alliance of YMCA’s


“In everything Tyler does he exemplifies leadership and integrity, and I have been honored to work alongside him on various boards and committees over the last several years. Tyler is passionate about the impact he makes in the community, and his zeal is contagious by all that have the benefit to work around him.”  - Rhett Oselette, Marketing Manager at US Bank Payment Solutions


“Tyler and I worked together on the Leadership team for a non-profit in Des Moines called the Dream Team. His organizational skills, dedication to the youth in the program, ability to relate to the kids, the mentors, parents and the leadership team was truly amazing. Tyler has compassion and empathy for all people but can be the "boss" when a firmer approach is need. His ideas for fundraising for the team helped me immensely and were successful. I would highly recommend Tyler for any position he would interview for as he could fit many roles in any company.” -  John Reese, Merchandise Manager, Mr. B Clothing


“Worked with Tyler while I was on the board at the South Suburban YMCA. Tyler was a joy to work with, and his passion for his work was very clear. His leadership was very motivating and helped me learn how to work better with people.”  -  Corey Dion Lewis, Clinical Health Coach at Broadlawns Medical Center and Founder at Gamify Wellness


“I began volunteering for the South Suburban Board in late 2018. Tyler was always a pleasure to interact with and his passion for our community was evident through his drive and work ethic. He frequently went above and beyond to make sure his staff and customers felt welcomed. He's easy to work with, has a strategic mindset and is a great communicator. Tyler also has the ability to connect with people and quickly builds a rapport with anyone he meets. He's a dynamic leader and would be an asset to any organization.” - Emily Brown, Human Resources Business Partner at UnityPoint Health -  Des Moines.


“I had the pleasure of working with Tyler for several years when he was the executive director of the South Suburban YMCA and I was a board member and then board chair. While Tyler has many strengths, I would put at the top his passion for what he does, creativity and willingness to work harder than anyone else. He engineered numerous projects within the building and on the grounds that helped the Y to project a better image to the public. He was constantly reaching out to other organizations in the community. He was very creative in identifying and exploring new programs for YMCA members and for members of the community at large who were in need of assistance. And probably most important is that Tyler is a man of high character. He is honest, diligent and compassionate. Tyler will be a valuable asset for any organization or business for whom he is employed.”  - Sam Gelb, Vice President at The Graham Group, Inc.


“Tyler and I volunteered together for the non-profit group, Dream Team, affiliated with the YMCA and the Des Moines Register. During two of those years, I was fortunate to have Tyler as a co-chair for the organization. His experience and drive as non-profit leader was invaluable to the mentors and youth we worked with. Be it a business or volunteer setting, Tyler provides compassion, a welcoming personality and an unequaled impartiality for any situation. A top-notch professional who is a pleasure to work and communicate with. Tyler is definitely a value-added partner for any business need.” - Deb Olesen, Former Operations Manager - Food Safety Systems at Eurofins North America Food and Feed


“As a young, new executive director in Des Moines, Tyler has helped guide me as a mentor and advisor, connect me with other community leaders and provide encouragement and support for Opportunity on Deck's efforts. Not only has Tyler served as a mentor to myself, but he's also taken the time to sit on community panels and speak to many other young non-profit professional groups in Des Moines. What I respect most about Tyler is his energetic, positive attitude and the selflessness that he demonstrates through caring about others.” - Dylan DeClerck, Founder and Executive Director at Opportunity on Deck


“I have the privilege of working with Tyler through several non-profits including FuseDSM (formerly the South and East Chamber of Commerce). When I was the chair of FuseDSM, Tyler was a key person in establishing our non-profit group. The chamber was very lucky to have Tyler as a chair of the non-profit group. Through his leadership and the ability to form relationships, this group has become one of the most successful programs our chamber has to offer to our members.” - Matt Pick, Vice President - Vice President at West Bank


“I have had the honor of working with Tyler through various groups within the Chamber of Commerce. Over the last few years one of the things that has stood out in my interactions with Tyler is his leadership. He is great at building relationships, collaborating, and supporting his colleagues and peers. Tyler is always looking for ways to improve the community he is in and build people up. This has been evident in the positions he has held with Everybody Wins Iowa, and the YMCA and in his work through the Chamber of Commerce.” - Laura Gibson, Director of Operations at CICIL (Central Iowa Center for Independent Living)


“Tyler is an experienced leader who earns the trust of those around him with his authenticity, his thoughtful counsel and his sense of humor. He is a relentless advocate for our community, and someone you can count on to successfully rally stakeholders toward a united cause.” - Linda Clauson, Marketing and Communications Director at EveryStep


“Tyler has boundless energy, ideas and heart. He is truly committed to engaging with and lifting up his community and is skilled at forging connections between organizations, companies and neighbors. Tyler is a pleasure to work with and inspires his colleagues to reach new heights alongside him.” - Christie Vogt, Freelance Writer and Former Digital Marketing Specialist at YMCA of Greater Des Moines


Passionate and committed are the words that come to mind when I think about Tyler. I've only had the pleasure of knowing Tyler just over a year, during which he was a highly engaged Ambassador for FuseDSM, your chamber of commerce. Above all, I was impressed with Tyler's ability to engage with others on a variety of levels. He is the epitome of a team player. He would be a true asset for any positions requiring management, fundraising, or business development and comes with my heartfelt recommendation!” - Trisha Flaherty-Barnes, President/CEO at FuseDSM (Formerly Des Moines East and South Chamber of Commerce)


“Tyler is an amazing individual. I was always so energized by his smile and passion for everything he does for our community in Des Moines and Central Iowa. The south side area of Des Moines in particular benefited tremendously with his skills and hard work. One of the ways I witnessed first hand was the sincerity he had with caring about members. Several times when I visited that YMCA he was talking with members that adored him. The Community Garden behind the Y, primarily for the immigrant community, was a huge venture and needed. I also attended a few meetings with him for the FUSE Des Moines Chamber's non-profit group. He was always a leader and very good at keeping the group focused so we could get things done monthly. Tyler is a down to earth and genuine gentleman that I highly recommend to get the job done.” - Traci Klein Shoemaker, Business Owner at Notary Rotary and Principal at Performancd Insurance Services


“Tyler is an asset to any organization. He is ambitious, compassionate, and accomplished in the non-profit world. He is active in the community and an engaged citizen of Des Moines. I have had the opportunity to work with him on several occasions professionally and he proved to be well-known on boards for being creative, resourceful, and innovative in his approach to fundraising. In addition, Tyler was able to set up strategic partnerships and opportunities for resource sharing. He represents the best qualities of his profession as it intersects with and strengthens the community around him. He is able to forge strong, positive, and lasting personal relationships. He has shared access to opportunities for service and for learning through service with colleagues, community members, and friends. He effectively uses his strengths to empower others in the work of building a better future together.” - Emily Webb, In-House Counsel at Businessolver


“Tyler is a well rounded individual with experience in non-profit management and fundraising. His past experience of managing a YMCA gives him team building skills and problem solving skills that can help any business improve!” - Jill Schoenherr, Executive Director at Southwest YMCA in Omaha, NE


“Tyler is the ultimate people person who manages by example. A tireless leader! I am proud to have participated in many charitable campaigns alongside Tyler!!!” - Thomas Wheeler, General Manager at Archetype


“I have worked with Tyler in numerous platforms. A few things remain consistent when partnering with this change-maker: his drive to make a positive impact in his community, his commitment to the people in our community, his mission to create opportunities for every single person, and his natural way of leading growth amongst those who work with him. Tyler is simply a force to be reckoned with - one that we all want to be part of. I am proud and honored to consider myself part of his network.” - Ciara Ladroma, Career Coach at Bridges to Success Program, Des Moines Area Community College


“Tyler is an enthusiastic and determined leader in our community. I have worked with him on a variety of projects and regardless of the size he utilizes the same skills for great results. The skills that I admire in Tyler are his authenticity, passion, compassion and ability to take action as needed. He has always been a community builder and he is willing to do that in any way that he can. A truly positive and dedicated leader.” - Julie Fugenschuh, Executive Director at Project IOWA


“Tyler fostered a phenomenal relationship between our organizations. Tyler has always been an advocate for the community and helping those in need. Tyler believed in thinking outside the box to try new things. I was happy to have worked with Tyler.” - Joseph Dolack III, Mobile Food Pantry Manager at Des Moines Area Religious Council


“I first met Tyler when he was the Executive Director at the South Suburban YMCA. He had gym clothes on and was up on a ladder painting the walls with the new YMCA brand colors. I quickly learned he was able to do more with less by establishing key community relationships, thinking outside the box, surrounding himself with a great staff and rolling up his sleeves and if necessary, doing the work himself. He understood the community around him and implemented programs to support its members including a weekly food pantry, community gardens, chronic disease management, to name a few. Tyler's passion and enthusiasm are contagious.” - Luke Garnaas, Commercial Loan Officer at BANK


“Tyler Weig is the epitome of a community champion. When I relocated back to Iowa I was told about an altruistic individual who was championing programming at the YMCA to better serve the population on the south side of Des Moines. After meeting and sitting on the 501 (C) forum with Tyler during my time in the nonprofit world I was able to engage with a leader who has vision and the soft skills that help organizations meet strategic objectives. I have been and will always be impressed with his integrity and how that reflected in his board and the fundraising challenges he has achieved. Any organization that aligns themselves with Tyler will quickly see the benefits”. - Nick Peterson, Community Outreach Manager at Alliant Energy

"Tyler is a phenomenal leader. His enthusiasm and positive attitude make working with him easy. When Tyler is working on a project, you can be sure it will be done thoughtfully and professionally. I have had the privilege of working with Tyler on multiple projects and appreciate his knowledge, consideration and ability to get things done. I would highly recommend Tyler." - Aubrey Alvarez - Executive Director at Eat Greater Des Moines


“Tyler is a non-profit guru. My first intro to him was when he rode his bicycle cross country raising funds for ACS, and then as a staff ACS person he helped organize legislative visits. He is the real deal.”- Joel Greer - Principal and law partner at Cartwright, Druker, and Ryden Law Office

“Tyler is that rare combination of being able to be attentive to the task at hand--with all of its detail, and be attentive to the people involved with the task--with all of their gifts. In every aspect of collaborating with Tyler, much was accomplished for the well being of children, volunteers, and the broader community.” - Carmen Lampe Zeiter - Former Executive Director at Children and Family Urban Ministries

“Tyler is a very forward-thinking, ambitious, passionate and energetic leader who knows how to make things happen. He brings a real willingness to collaborate and incorporate best practices and feedback into the work he does. He is a strong leader who knows how to get the best out of people while staying focused on the mission at hand.”
Rich Greif - Director of Communications at Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Island 


"I had the pleasure of working with Tyler during his tenure with the Urban Core Initiative.  He was a pivotal member of the steering committee who was working to reactivate a neighborhood through providing a vibrant lineup of programming for local youth.  His passion for his work was evident as he orchestrated different groups and personalities to ensure the best possible result for all those involved.  I admired his tenacity and patience.  Hopefully we will have the chance to work together again.

Jennifer Fletcher - Marketing Supervisor, Parks and Recreation Department at City of Des Moines

"Tyler is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I have ever met.  His passion for doing good expands far past his any single job title.  As the Executive Director for Everybody Wins! Iowa he not only made sure the little things were done correctly, but he was also able to see the big picture.  Tyler's passion makes you excited to come into work everyday." - Andrew Brice - Former Programming & Partnership Development Intern at Everybody Wins! Iowa


“Tyler Weig is an innovative professional who utilizes collaborative partnerships to secure additional resources for his organization. This was demonstrated by his partnerships in Service Learning and with local Universities. In working with Tyler on a Board, I found him to be a committed and forward thinking team mate. He contributed to the Board with well thought out concepts, assisted his peers, and was a strategic business partner. I would highly recommend working with Tyler on any project.” - Cassie Gerst - Outreach and 21st Century Grant Coordinator at Burlington Community School District

“I had the opportunity to get to know Tyler’s work as a leader on the Everybody Wins! Iowa board, including service as chair of the committee that recommended his hiring as executive director. Tyler brought an important energy to the position at Everybody Wins! Iowa, providing creative ways to raise public awareness of the organization. Tyler’s work with Everybody Wins! Iowa came at a critical time, and Tyler helped build sustainability and credibility for stakeholders. He kept the board informed on essential matters in a timely fashion, and – most importantly – truly cared for the kids and the important work Everybody Wins! Iowa does to serve them.” - Lee Konfrst - Claims Manager, Centralized Total Loss - Commercial Lines at Nationwide Insurance

“I had the pleasure of working with Tyler when we were both Everybody Wins! Executive Directors. During that time, we co-chaired the organization’s Advisory Committee of Executive Directors across the country and worked closely on that project. Tyler is a rare leader who is equally skilled at inspiring people to support a cause while also being able to operationalize a vision to produce meaningful results. His positive attitude and ability to ‘get the job done’ would make him an asset to any organization!” - Darcy Madden - Former Chief Operating Officer at Everybody Wins! USA

“Tyler has a great ability to communicate his vision and execute on a plan. New ideas and energy came from Tyler and were implemented into our program. Tyler's passion is a true asset.” - David Slinker - Product Owner at EMC Insurance Companies

“Tyler is an excellent leader and he helped build a great partnership between Everybody Wins! Iowa and University of Phoenix in Des Moines.  On many different occasions I worked with Tyler to advance the missions of Everybody Wins and my own company. Tyler was able to identify win-win opportunities regularly and was excellent at pulling resources together to accomplish what we set out to accomplish. Through Tyler's efforts the University of Phoenix in Iowa was able to contribute to various reading programs throughout the Des Moines Metro. Tyler's follow through and follow up always let us know what type of impact our efforts had on the various programs and especially on the children who participate in those programs. Most of all Tyler's energy and optimism were infections and he was a pleasure to work with.” - Scott Stegg - Director of Business Operations at Valiant Wealth, LLC

“Before I was on the board of Everybody Wins! Iowa, I assisted with grant proposals as a volunteer. From the first meeting with Tyler, I could tell that he truly cared about this organization and the children we serve. He put in long hours to ensure that the organization fulfilled its potential in the community and was instrumental in growing the nonprofit.” - Kate Salvner - Editor at The Stelter Company

“Tyler Weig is a hard working, creative and dedicated senior leader in the nonprofit world. As a literacy/mentoring colleague I saw Tyler come in hungry to learn and absorbs the important information like a sponge. He is very easy to get along with and always willing to step up to the plate and make positive things happen.” - Craig Fleishman - Nonprofit Management Consulting

“Tyler has been an exceptional colleague, reliable, creative, a problem solver, and genuinely enthusiastic about everything in which he gets involved. He is always willing to lend a hand or an ear, and as a sounding board I have found his advice to be sound.”
Mark Slocum - Nonprofit Consultant and Former Executive Director at Children's Cancer Connection

“Tyler and I worked together at American Cancer Society for four years. Since I was doing Media Relations at the time, I had the pleasure to work with Tyler on many projects, big and small, in the areas of Community Relations, Health Promotions, and Government Relations. He has a tremendous capacity to plan, implement, and energize campaigns. One project we shared was to work in partnership with several of Iowa’s Commission on Cancer accredited hospitals to jointly promote our organizations within communities. I recall one hospital director saying to me, “I sure hope we don’t lose Tyler.”  Tyler’s relationship building is a key factor in his success. He demonstrates genuine concern for, and commitment to, all parties achieving shared goals. He is a perpetual learner and expresses interest in everyone he meets. I am a richer person for having had the chance to work with Tyler Weig.” - Kathy Byrnes - Communications Project Manager at American Cancer Society

“Tyler has the energy and enthusiasm that empowers excellence in everyone. He doesn't know a stranger and will give you the shirt off his back. He chooses to bring a positive attitude and leads with encouragement!” - Bryan Fentress - Digital Solutions Director  at Geonetric

“Tyler is a very warm, organized leader with great people skills. Does a lot for his community and in the FIGHT AGAINST CANCER which is where we met. I truly enjoyed working with him and the professionalism which he portrayed.” - Cheryl Lenta - FormerIT Supervisor at Storey Kenworthy/Workspace Inc.

“I worked with Tyler for 2 1/2 years at the American Cancer Society. We both held the same position as Community Relations. Tyler did a great job with his counties- recruiting volunteer to serve on the relay committees, interacting and networking with business personnel, engaging community members to assist in various roles to support the American Cancer Society and its mission. For two of his years, he surpassed monetary goals for several of his counties. Tyler had a passion and drive to help in anyway possible.  He is very well organized, works independently as well as in a group setting, and is a team player.” - Phyllis Craig - Former Membership/Volunteer Services Director at Octagon Center for the Arts

“I worked with Tyler on an American Cancer Society volunteer project (Cycling for a Cure) right after we both finished college. We literally spent about 3 months together, raising money and awareness for the ACS as he biked and I managed the logistics of the ride across country. Though often tired from riding, Tyler was an excellent spokesperson for the ACS and always was energized to do another interview or participate in various events along the journey. In addition to being a reliable worker, Tyler is also easy to work with and an all-around nice guy.” - Mark Fetterhoff - Advisor at AARP and Former Manager, Marketing & Special Projects at The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging




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